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Setting your training on fire!

838 838 Ellen Ensher

Nikki Fernandez Has anybody ever tried to grab your attention in an unconventional way? Maybe you liked it, maybe it missed the mark, but hopefully the person didn’t try to…

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Office Sensitivity: Are you setting ground rules?

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Vanessa Hernandez Are you ever lonely on a Friday night with no plans? As a college student, watching The Office is one of my favorite past times. There is something…

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Why aren’t harassment training programs working?

414 558 Ellen Ensher

Megan McCord Have you ever had to “shut down” a sexual advance in the workplace? A new poll from the Wall Street Journal and NBC found 48% of female workers said they had personally…

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Guest Blog Post # 1. Training, why it matters.

894 900 Ellen Ensher

Grant Kelly Despite the fact that more than 4.3 million Americans work in retail, the task of finding a sales associate when you most need one still seems impossible.…

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Businesswoman Giving Computer Training In Office

Training Workshop #2 Blog

1024 683 Ellen Ensher

SylvetteMascioni Niko Klein Fernando Moreno-Yanez Steven Sosa May 3, 2017 Training Workshop #2 Blog Across the board, we all can say that this training workshop has been a bumpy ride.…

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Workplace graphic designer

Recruitment University

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Blog by: Emily Gardner, Emily Mullett, and Stephanie Clark   Have you seen those YouTube videos? The ones where two blonde women in matching tee shirts, shorts, and sandals open…

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Tools for New Trainers about How Our Langue Is Evolving

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By Alexis Straiten   When looking at the evolution of language, we can see that things have changed in the past twenty years. So, how do trainers keep up with…

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ROI in Volleyball

391 369 Ellen Ensher

By: Steven Sosa   While feeding my social media addiction this weekend, I can across a Facebook memory of my high school volleyball team and I. The photo Facebook shared…

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Impromptu Learning

1024 683 Ellen Ensher

By Riley Dawson   The most important skill in training and development is the ability to perform impromptu, on site, mid lesson changes to adjust to unexpected changes in your…

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Ignatius Saw It First: Learning Objectives

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Hayden Tanabe Dr. Ensher MGMT 3670 April 17th, 2017   Ignatius Saw It First: Learning Objectives   Gearing up for a presentation that I designed for a national student leadership…

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